Hi My Name Is, Mr. Boston


I will now take the time to write about rising artists, who are willing to do anything to make it to the top. My first artist, who is a multi-talented rapper, who is also very close to my heart is: DieN2Live.

Lucas Boston, who goes by the stage name of DieN2LivE has been trying to establish the perfect rap flow of Eminem and the lyricism of Ja Vid and Atmosphere since he was ten years old. After Boston had come across a forum site where rappers were writing disses to one another, he felt instantly motivated to write his own raps and contribute to the forum.

Over the last couple years, Boston has been promoting himself through MySpace, Facebook, coffee houses, and cafeteria performances, but he plans to pursue something more professional. In a past interview Boston explained the multi-syllable technique he uses when writing his lyrics, in order to make his lyrics rhyme.

He also uses similes, metaphors, and rhyme schemes. Using a journal, he jots down all of his ideas and uses them later when inspired to write a song.’ http://dien2livemovement.tk/

DieN2LivE has worked with other rising artists such as: Infinite Skillz, his friends RoTT and Bu113tpr00fx, ProVerseIdy, Tek Knowledge, J’R, Hard Target, Veins, Psykko, LT Mays, Fabo, Main Mic, Wite Lyte, Balla B, DaHv (myself), Ace, ReTake, AwMe, Chill, DTrain, R2K, and Chito. Over the years Boston has established two groups with his friends RoTT and Bu113tpr00fx, which include Ghandis of Destruction (GODs) and Ultimate Recipe.

On June 18th, his newest single Hi My Name Is, Mr. Boston was played on his friend Chito’s radio show entitled R U Serious Radio. I recommend you check it out:


DieN2LivE spends a lot of his time planning out new mix tapes and contacting producers that he hopes to work with in the future. Boston is looking forward to collaborating with Crooked I, who is from SlaughterHouse and also Joel Venom.

GODs (Boston and RoTT) are working on their first official album that is going to be released sometime this upcoming September. The album is entitled ‘Talking To Walls,’ and will include 20 unreleased tracks!

You can look for the updates of this project by going to his new website:


If you’re looking for more information about DieN2LivE, then I recommend you check out these sites:




If you’d like to contact DieN2LivE, you may email him at:



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