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Mercedes Money | Part Eleven


Being in Scarlett’s car felt different the second time. Kelly’s Chevy Cruze was ten miles away from running on empty and my wallet had already reached its limit for the night. There’s nothing worse than asking a favor from a woman who just turned you down. I’ve been rejected a number of times in my life, but being turned down by a woman like Scarlett is like having an expired all day pass to...

Mercedes Money | Part Ten


Scarlett was right about the truffle fries. They didn’t taste like any fry I’ve ever had, and I’ve ordered sweet potato fries (by mistake of course). If my evening with Scarlett had a theme, it’d be truffle fries: out of my comfort zone yet, inviting. By the end of the meal, my napkin was covered in burger grease and truffle oil. I refuse to lick my fingers. I used to do it a lot as a kid, until...