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Growing Apart | Dahv Logic


Friendships are established, usually, when two people share something in common – whether that’s liking the same band or being in the same class. How long a friendship lasts is unpredictable. It could be years, months, a few days, anything. But I can tell you right now that no friendship ends because the two people “grow apart.” To me, that’s bull shit. Friendships...

Compliments | Dahv Logic


There are three types of compliments: Creepy Compliments Entitled Compliments Regular Compliments Creepy Compliments Alright, let’s be honest. We all have that one friend that we constantly question. What’s their intention? Do they like me? What’s their deal? Yada, yada. These are the friends that really admire you. In the beginning, you are flattered (who wouldn’t be);...