Spare Some Change | Sharks in the Shower


I’ve been wanting to write this for awhile and I finally found time to do so. Feedback is much appreciated. – Dahv * * * I knew I had to make a change when your handwritten notes read more and more like receipts. Scribbles of “this means so much” or “you didn’t have to get me (insert list of gifts here)” looked like typed transactions, convincing me to spend more and visit again with...

Sharks in the Shower | “Friend”


Sharks in the Shower is an idea I’ve had for a while – since I graduated high school to be completely honest. Sharks in the Shower will be a collection of fiction pieces and verse that either categorize irrational fears, dreams, candid thoughts and so on. Think of it like a dream journal… I would love feedback and if you want more, let me know 🙂 – Dahv * * *...