ArchiveSeptember 2012

What’s On Your Mind?


A small prose that fixates on our generation’s fixation with Facebook. – Dahv     My cellphone awakens from sleep mode with a vibrate. I turn the screen back on and unlock the homescreen. The Facebook widget is highlighted with a small number one in its upper right corner: new notification. Sitting down at my desk, I open my laptop that’s still running the last open...

(Making) Love Is A Two-Way Street


Below is a writing assignment I did in class last week. My teacher instructed us to write about a scene from two different perspectives. Hope you enjoy.. – Dahv   Girlfriend’s POV: Jake just put in another action movie and now I regret wearing his favorite kind of thong: pink, lacey. As he leaves to switch disks in the DVD player, I try repositioning myself. Maybe I’m not...