ArchiveApril 2012

Behind Closed Doors


New scene I wrote…hope you all enjoy! – Dahv   On stage right there is a closed door leading to a classroom. Walking through the door towards stage left, where there is a couch and coffee table, is Lauren. She sits on the couch with her feet propped up on the table; her arms are crossed. A moment later Jill walks out. She is hunched forward and glances over at Lauren and then...

Irregular Ratio


One time out of ten, your mom would call, asking when you were coming home.   Two times out of ten, we’d sit in my room – door shut – as others, liquor-tongue-tipped teenagers, crowded the hallway.   Five times out of ten, you’d slip into a wall crevice and call your mother back.   Seven times out of ten, I studied your sentimentality as you handed me...