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Reflection on 2018 | It’s Time to ‘Dahv Up’


In a matter of a few hours, it’ll be the New Year. It’s mind boggling to me because it feels like 2018 just started a couple months ago. Similar to most years, I plan out big milestones to conquer. Some of them I crushed within the first six months and others fell by the wayside. 2018 consisted of a lot of surprises for me. I didn’t think this would be the year my husband and I adopted an English...

Everything’s Fine


I contemplated leaving you when you said everything was fine. I could read your eyes like an eight ball and with each roll or squint, the answers screamed no. Not any kind of scream. Not the blood curdling horror movie scream nor the anticipated roller coaster drop or corkscrew scream. It was the silent type of scream. The kind of scream that holds the potential to be so loud, it tugs at my...