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Caramel Cigarettes [Additional Part]


I have added onto my piece that I have titled – as of now – “Caramel Cigarettes.” If you haven’t already read the first part, click here. Please leave comments below, especially if you want me to continue this piece. Thanks, Dahv  * * * “Guess what I just did?” Nicky called me that weekend. Her phone call woke me up. I knew I dreamt of her that night...



Below is a non-fiction piece I had to write for class. The assignment was to write about a place.   – Dahv NZ5 The green Honda Civic idled between us. I stood at the head of the car; she had her hand on the driver’s side door. Her head turned towards me, face ornamented with a smile (dimples and all). “Nazi five?” I asked reading the last three symbols on her license plate: NZ5. She...