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Reflection on 2018 | It’s Time to ‘Dahv Up’


In a matter of a few hours, it’ll be the New Year. It’s mind boggling to me because it feels like 2018 just started a couple months ago. Similar to most years, I plan out big milestones to conquer. Some of them I crushed within the first six months and others fell by the wayside. 2018 consisted of a lot of surprises for me. I didn’t think this would be the year my husband and I adopted an English...

Can’t Buy Love (For Self), Measure It


Below is the term paper I had to write for my Psychology of Abnormal Behavior class. This research paper discusses methods for measuring narcissism and how narcissism relates to weak communication skills. I had to summarize at least three case studies; I list my sources at the end. I’ll post more creative work later.  Enjoy, Dahv   In this paper I summarize three case studies that...