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Crazy, Sassy, Stupid | Seven


Hello! Big addition below! I am thinking of renaming this piece to “YOU.” If you have any thoughts on the title change or the piece in general, please leave feedback 🙂 – Dahv * * * I wish I could say I get time away from you when I’m in class.   But if I said that I’d be lying.   Nights before exams, I spend more time analyzing your body language: how YOU sit down at...

Explaining Our Generation | Guitar Hero


Last night I drove to York Beach with my boyfriend and played a few games at the rundown arcade, Fun-O-Rama. After adding more money to the meter I told him, “I want to play Guitar Hero,” as I pulled out four quarters. “Isn’t it funny how we have this game at home, but you’re going to pay to play anyway?” He asked. I shrugged and reached for the game controller...