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Friends Can Be Toxic Too


Last year at this time, I was approaching my last year of college and knew I had to make a change. For the last nine months I had immersed myself in a toxic behavior that put a damper on my academic performance and my own personality. Fortunately, I had not gotten involved with drugs, but sometimes losing control of how you let others treat you can lead to major self-destruction. For the past...

The Addiction | Sharks in the Shower


It doesn’t have to be a substance or a hobby. You can be addicted to people too. It’s easy to relapse when the addiction has a voice, pair of hands and eyes – especially if you’ve let the voice soothe you to sleep over the phone, or hands meet yours each time you two share a laugh. It’s easy to relapse when you two have shared a routine for almost a year:   – 9 A.M. sharp you...