ArchiveJune 2009

Uncut To Unbelievable


After Michael Jackson’s  death, I have come across a lot of videos of him. Today I watched the music video for his song Black or White – Uncut Version: The director of the music video prohibited the last section of the music video, because he was worried that MTV/VH1 would not accept it. After MTV watched the whole video, they were discouraged and took out the last part of the video...

Worst I Ever Had


Today I came across this new rapper known as Drake. Have any of you heard of him? In my opinion, his voice is a blend of Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Ludacris. So, what’s so new about this? Lol, don’t ask me, ask his record company. One of his singles Best I Ever Had is something I honestly can’t take seriously. It sounds like an amateur rapper who is attempting to be the new Lil Wayne...