Worst I Ever Had


Today I came across this new rapper known as Drake. Have any of you heard of him?

In my opinion, his voice is a blend of Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Ludacris. So, what’s so new about this? Lol, don’t ask me, ask his record company. One of his singles Best I Ever Had is something I honestly can’t take seriously. It sounds like an amateur rapper who is attempting to be the new Lil Wayne. On his Myspace page – http://www.myspace.com/thisisdrake – one of his fans said,

‘yo u # one rapper nd i think u way bettah than lil wayne u diggs’

Besides it’s lack of good grammar, can you believe it? No honestly–could he be better than Lil Wayne? I never thought that was possible. I thought Lil Wayne was this talent machine! But I guess not.

Listen to his song:


Here’s another problem I have with his song and a majority of songs out there. These male artists attempt to come across charming and material for a young adult’s fantasy, but they taint it. Look at these lyrics:

‘Yea just know my condo is the crack spot
Every single show she out there repping like a mascot
Get it from the back
And make yo fucking bra strap pop
All up in yo slot until the nigga hit the jackpots’

But in the chorus Drake says:

‘Cause she hold me down everytime i hit her up.
When i get right i promise that we gon live it up.
She make me beg for it till she give it up.
And I say the same thing every single time.

I say you the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the best i ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
I say you the fucking.’

If he apparently respects this girl and let’s her do whatever she wants–how could he treat her this way. I listen to this song and accept the respect part but when it gets to that one section, it’s no longer my fantasy, it’s Drake’s. I don’t want that!

Jeez, it’s crazy what they call ‘romantic’ music today.

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