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If You Were An Artist, How Famous Would You Want To Be?


If you were an artist, how famous would you want to be (celebrity terms)? Would you want to be as famous as: 1. Madonna — you are still able to keep your fans wanting more after all these years. 2. Eminem — keep your fans waiting, but still interested in your old stuff. 3. Flo Rida — create a loyal fan base off of songs that have already been done. 4. T-Pain — lure in fans...

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor


Last night I saw the new commercial for Dr. Pepper, which was surprisingly simple but very clever: httpv:// In the commercial there is a mini advertisement for Dr. Dre (himself), his own headphones, and his Detox Album. The last line he says, ‘trust me, I’m a doctor,’ is priceless. Who won’t forget that?! Too bad I’m not a...