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Sharks in the Shower | “Friend”


Sharks in the Shower is an idea I’ve had for a while – since I graduated high school to be completely honest.¬†Sharks in the Shower will be a collection of fiction pieces and verse that either categorize irrational fears, dreams, candid thoughts and so on. Think of it like a dream journal… I would love feedback and if you want more, let me know ūüôā – Dahv * * *...

Friends are for Catching, not Falling


I remember when Tuesdays meant more than Tuesday.¬†You worked around my schedule; I waited on yours.¬†I’d sleep through mornings, roll out at noon:¬†six hours before you called.¬†Homework was hard.¬†Tuesdays I did labs.¬†I recalled formulas to your laugh,¬†mixtures to hugs, chemical imbalances¬†for kisses (on the cheek). I would finish¬†my work quickly, in hopes you’d call sooner but, you were...