ArchiveDecember 2012

Summer Girl


When you leave for school, I’m basically going to need something to do. You haven’t left yet, and I already miss you more than ever. When you leave, please hurry up and come back to hang out with me. I hope you’ll still talk to me. You’re probably going to meet some guy that puts all those Abercrombie models to shame. He’ll be this awesome dancer. Tall, handsome, and with a six-pack of course...

Waiting Room


I wait around for you to wait around for me. I know you notice when I stop noticing you. The chair molds your slouch, you lean towards me twitching the corner of your lip – tick, tick – like the busted tail of a watch. I think it’s funny how I’m not supposed to find you funny. I swallow laughter as you project jokes (louder and louder) and glare at me (longer and longer)...