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If You Were An Artist, How Famous Would You Want To Be?


If you were an artist, how famous would you want to be (celebrity terms)? Would you want to be as famous as: 1. Madonna — you are still able to keep your fans wanting more after all these years. 2. Eminem — keep your fans waiting, but still interested in your old stuff. 3. Flo Rida — create a loyal fan base off of songs that have already been done. 4. T-Pain — lure in fans...

How Bad Do You Have To Be, In Order To Be Considered Good?


From my observations — I’d have to say, you’d have to be pretty bad. But honestly, who reads lyrics anymore, or cares about what the artist has to say? Not many people; because honestly, the artist isn’t caring too much about what they’re saying…they will do whatever to sell their singles. Who could blame them? If all you had going on in your life was...