Let Me Be | Lyrics


Some lyrics I’ve been working on. Comments are welcomed! * * * Let me be your rock tonight He won’t answer, it’s too late to fight. Let me be your rock right now I’ll listen, I don’t care what it’s about. I just wanna show you – I’m here I just wanna tell you – I care Forget about our argument It’s okay You can cry I’ll still stay I have tomorrow to be weak But I just have...

How Bad Do You Have To Be, In Order To Be Considered Good?


From my observations — I’d have to say, you’d have to be pretty bad. But honestly, who reads lyrics anymore, or cares about what the artist has to say? Not many people; because honestly, the artist isn’t caring too much about what they’re saying…they will do whatever to sell their singles. Who could blame them? If all you had going on in your life was...