ArchiveJune 2012

Tickled Text


I can’t even wrap my head around this. You stare back at me, teasing me to touch you, push your buttons, massage a message or sentence out of the pores of this screen just so I can frown, highlight, delete. Stop flashing your cursor at me. Each pending line is vertically winking at me like I’m supposed to be ready to pounce. Instead, I’ll push the screen down and listen to your...

Material Message


“I’m busy – ”¬†Baby, Honey? Do the pet names redeem the fact that you never called me back? How busy were you really? Well, I guess you weren’t busy enough since you still had the time to tell me that you didn’t have the time. If, during your absence, no one tried to contact you, would you still say you were busy? You get a rise out of being chased. You turn...