“Write What You Know” Is the Worst Advice for Writers, and Here’s Why

I was fifteen years old when I took my first workshop classes in verse (poetry), fiction and playwriting. Poetry was always my strong suit. I’ve always enjoyed playing with alliteration, slant rhymes and creating metaphors are my guilty pleasure. When it came to my other two workshop classes – fiction and playwriting – I would always struggle. My character development was weak; I had no idea how...

Caramel Cigarettes [Eleventh Addition]


Missed out? No problem. 10 9 8 7 6  5 4 3 2 1 Enjoy! – Dahv   I woke up to find a note beneath my alarm clock. Jacqueline left in the middle of the night with my pajama t-shirt and trucker hat. “I’m needed at home. No emergency. I’ll call you tomorrow night.” She ended her note with a drawn-in heart. My phone, charging in its dock, was lit up, notifying me of...