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Mercedes Money (Excerpt) | Kelly & Eric


The instant I walk into the kitchen and see Kelly’s sneakers under the table, I know she isn’t alone. There’s an unfinished board game accompanied by half-empty hard iced teas and a cell phone playing a reggae playlist on low. I pause the song, pocket the phone and barge into Kelly’s room. The first thing I see is Freddie Krueger running down Elm street on the TV, and Luke rolls off our bed so...

Fly On The Wall | Mercedes Money Excerpt (Short)


I was a fly on the wall growing up: tucked away in the closet, perched at the top of the stairs or sitting on my bedroom floor with my back up against the door anticipating for the knob to click. The living room at my mother’s house was a wrestling ring with no referees. Each fight had the same storyline but my sister and mother were fighting for a different prize. My sister wanted to race to the...