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Taking Risks | Dahv Logic


Most people do not believe me when I tell them that I can be shy at first. When I was younger, the actual tone of my voice would change just because I was nervous (in person or over the phone). A majority of the time, if I don’t know someone that well, I prefer keeping my sunglasses on, ear buds in and conversation to myself. Unless we are friends or I want to get to know you, the chance...

The Bank


I was your bank teller.   You’d deposit packs of gum and over the counter hugs, withdraw my pocketed hands, our knuckles met and buckled. Between shifts, your arm would belt my waist. I’d waltz, step out of your circle, and pocket my hands. Your expression was a Picasso: scrunched lips, slanted eyebrows, shoulder peaks topped your cartilage. My eyes would roll, topple. Stare would stretch...