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Don’t Be That Friend


Here’s some advice: You Need to Let Your Friends Go & Enjoy Their Lives!!! Don’t be the reason someone didn’t pursue his/her dream because you needed their daily/weekly affection. Don’t suffocate someone the minute he/she starts to show someone else attention. You need to learn to let people go in order to feel secure in the relationship. You should be able to move...

3 A.M.


Something new – enjoy! – Dahv   The earth shook me free of my sins. It’s 3 A.M. and I have class in eight hours. The alarm clock’s red eyes are glaring at me from across the room and just winked. Now it is 3:01. I contemplate kicking off my side of the covers and making my way to the door, but my legs, now tucked beneath me, start knotting behind the knees. My fingers start...