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You, Me & Everything In Between | Dahv Logic


Honestly, this should be common sense… Be a fucking MAN. Unless you want to be a father, wear a condom. I am serious. If you want to be a pussy about it, go right ahead; but I’m sorry, at the end of the day, you aren’t going to get laid. Let me guess: it doesn’t feel great. Neither does missing your period for two months. Let me guess: you can’t keep it up. I’m...

Imagery Poem


This is a short piece I wrote for my Poetry Workshop class. It’s untitled as of now.
Her fingers were flickering flames,
folding and fanning like playing cards.
Tar cracks mirrored her palm:
engraved with a lifeline, trapeze.
Tears docked in my eyes:
rain on lily pads.
Small smirk:
a kickstand that slanted her smile.