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Honestly, this should be common sense…

Be a fucking MAN.

Unless you want to be a father, wear a condom.

I am serious. If you want to be a pussy about it, go right ahead; but I’m sorry, at the end of the day, you aren’t going to get laid. Let me guess: it doesn’t feel great.

Neither does missing your period for two months.

Let me guess: you can’t keep it up.

I’m sorry, but aren’t condoms meant to keep the friction going? There are specific condoms made so that you stop bitching! For Her Pleasure; For His Pleasure; Ecstasy; everything else above. 

Are you really going to waste your time arguing with your girlfriend because you don’t want to wear one? How stupid are you? It’s a simple trust issue within the relationship when she’s willing to be on the Pill, but you aren’t willing to make an effort towards safe sex. Us girls have enough on our minds! The last thing we want to worry about is if we are going to argue with you about how “awful it feels.” Don’t be an asshole.

If you are ready to be a dad, talk to your girl about it.

If you aren’t, suck it up.

Let me guess: when you go off and cheat on your girlfriend, I’m sure you wear one, right?

Why? Because you don’t want to get an infection or some other chick pregnant.

How sweet of you.

If you want to fuck like a man; don’t act like boy.



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  • Uhhh, this is stupid. Condoms suck because they suck for the guy while the girl gets all the pleasure? How about birth control; ya know, the things that work 99.9% of the time?


    If you’re scared of getting HIV, then don’t fuck grimey people.

  • This is a ridiculous post.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. Its valuable– and not necessarily incorrect. I also appreciate you making a forum for discussion.

    But how you articulate your thoughts is messy, vulgar and not effective.

    I dont have an understanding of what it is you are wishing to accomplish…