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Nose piercings, lip rings, tongue rings, eyebrow piercings. Jewelry for the face or eye? Your eyes are blue, but did I notice the green piercing hooked in your right eyebrow first before making eye contact? I don’t remember. Your teeth are crooked on the bottom, but your smile looks nice with that silver loop fastened to the center of your bottom lip. When you turn away, it’s hard to...

Long Hall


Below is a nonfiction piece I presented in my workshop class. Nothing I have written has been exaggerated. This is a true story. – Dahv   For a few years of my childhood, I lived on a dead end. The small green sign that marked the opening of the suburb read Long Hall. I did not live on a street. I did not live on a road. Nor did I live on a drive. From ages four to eight, I lived on a...