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To Write About You, To Not Write About You; It’s None of Your Business


One of the best things about writing is overhearing a fellow reader rave about how realistic my characters are; how the reader feels like they know the protagonist or how they wish to be the protagonist. Although hearing these comments can be the biggest ego boost, this kind of comment can provoke a different feeling too. In contrary, one of the worst things about writing is hearing: Is that...

“Put The Thesaurus Down:” Advice I Wish Someone Told My Twelve-Year-Old Self


As a young writer, I used to think the Thesaurus was my best friend. I was twelve years old, had an above average vocabulary, but I didn’t think it matched the mature content I was writing. I used to think if you used big words, it meant you were creative. Most of the sentences I wrote, I couldn’t pronounce myself because the words were straight from an SAT Prep book. Although I would struggle...