ArchiveNovember 2015

“She Was Your Shot Of Whiskey”


The title of this piece is a text message I received a couple weeks ago and I was inspired to write a piece about it. It’s a metaphorical piece about battling with addiction (not necessarily one with alcohol). The “whiskey” can represent whatever you want it to. * * * Whiskey was my drink of choice for a year. I can’t tell you I had a preference or favorite cocktail, it all burned the same. I...



The television is playing some One Direction music video and I’m still contemplating what I taste in my cup. I tried pouring myself a cup of whiskey, but girls who reeked of bronzer and spray tan, were huddling in the kitchen waiting for someone to snap a selfie or a candid group shot. I can only imagine how great that picture would turn out. The girls would be leaning forward, solo cups in right...