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Mercedes Money | Part Thirteen (Continued)


Scarlett had changed out of her cocktail dress from the night before and was back in her business casual. Her pants were camouflage and stopped right above the ankle. She was wearing a black leather jacket that complemented her sunglasses which are probably Gucci or some other designer name that sounds like a mix between a mob boss’ mistress and a dessert special at an upscale restaurant. I’ve...

Mercedes Money | Part Thirteen


Today was the first time I watched someone fall in love with me. The person of someone’s dreams won’t always have the greatest sense of style, best paying job or most expensive car on the lot. He probably flips burgers for a living and got his car towed the night you two met. He doesn’t know the difference between Tanqueray and Bombay, but can quote every Adam Sandler movie word-for-word, and...