Mercedes Money | Part Seventeen


I’m standing outside of Scarlett’s office contemplating a reason to knock on the door. It’s fifteen minutes past two, most of the new hires have made their way through the show floor, finished their last cigarette and driven off the lot. April is still here and just passed me on the way to the restroom. She exudes this cotton candy scent every time I see her, and when I sat next to her this...

Mercedes Money | Part Thirteen


Today was the first time I watched someone fall in love with me. The person of someone’s dreams won’t always have the greatest sense of style, best paying job or most expensive car on the lot. He probably flips burgers for a living and got his car towed the night you two met. He doesn’t know the difference between Tanqueray and Bombay, but can quote every Adam Sandler movie word-for-word, and...