ArchiveOctober 2014

The “A” Student


The students seated upfront deal glares until you fold the corners of your essay down into some makeshift airplane. The professor’s comments soar. She sits in the back with her paper piles and assortment of pens: green for you, red for everyone else. She comments on the presentation you just gave, reaches for her green pen before you even hand her back the essay. The students shoot glares...

The Track


I’m on the right track, seated in this empty row. I fear the safety belt won’t click close. I’m on the right track, with so many places to go you’re behind me but this it what I chose.   We were on the right track, but we turned too soon. The trip wasn’t meant for us two. You’d try to squeeze me in, push down the bar till it pinched. I forgot why I wanted this.   You pulled me onto your...