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Mercedes Money | Part Five


Part Four Here! I can’t say when I first knew I fucked up. It’s almost midnight and this is the fifth time I’ve let Kelly’s call go to voicemail. Her Chevy Cruze’s gas light is on. There’s no gas stations open at this hour and even if there were, I maybe have fifteen bucks to my name until I’m paid on Friday. If I still have my job that is. The drawer was fifty dollars short this morning. The...

Mercedes Money | Part Four


Read the previous part here!   I can’t stand Tuesdays. Tuesdays are Monday’s designated ugly fat friend. Tuesdays aren’t Mondays, but they aren’t the halfway point to Friday either. It gives Monday some slack for starting the work week, but makes Wednesday seem like a mini Friday. I just can’t stand it. On Tuesdays I have the closing shift. Two hours after the average person wants to have a...