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Mercedes Money | Part Seven


Check out the sixth part here!   Luke’s red Saab was in the driveway. I recognized the Coexist bumper sticker and kept driving. My sweat stains looked like the marks coffee cups leave and my sneakers squished every time I tapped the accelerator. If I was going to be Scarlett’s Chevy Boy, I wanted to dress the part.   On my way to the mall I passed by Benz & Beamers. In the...

Mercedes Money | Part Six


New addition below! Didn’t check the last chapter? Read it HERE!   There were no Mercedes or BMWs in the parking lot when I got off of work. It was ten past two, my hands were clammy, sticky like I had rinsed them in a tank of pulpy orange juice, and every pair of headlights I saw in the corner of my eye made my heart sink into my gut. I thought about calling the number on...