Vase | Sharks in the Shower


Nothing we shared had a breaking point.
Our friendship was a vase, not even worthy of being glass. Every time we’d hit a wall, the vase would never break but always scratch. The vase wasn’t beautiful, with enough marks to sketch a map, but it was reusable. We never said we were proud of it, but every morning we’d pick it up and fill it with flowers, because it was a vase after all.

Growing Apart | Dahv Logic


Friendships are established, usually, when two people share something in common – whether that’s liking the same band or being in the same class. How long a friendship lasts is unpredictable. It could be years, months, a few days, anything. But I can tell you right now that no friendship ends because the two people “grow apart.” To me, that’s bull shit. Friendships...