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Confidence | Dahv Logic


Similar to a lot of people, I find confidence to be wicked sexy. If you are able to stand on your own ground, with your head up high, and look me in the eye, you got me. Your sizes, weight, height, views on life, do no matter to me if you portray yourself as confident. Who the hell cares what you look like when you can get everyone’s attention by just walking in the room? Not only is...

“I Don’t Know” | Dahv Logic


Some people are scared of conflict, so they avoid it at all costs. I like to think of myself as someone who wins staring contests with problems. I don’t let issues walk all over me; I grab them by the collar and see what’s hiding up their sleeves. You will get nowhere in life (i.e. relationships, academics, work, etc.) if you brush your problems under the rug. You will get nowhere if...