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Similar to a lot of people, I find confidence to be wicked sexy.

If you are able to stand on your own ground, with your head up high, and look me in the eye, you got me.

Your sizes, weight, height, views on life, do no matter to me if you portray yourself as confident. Who the hell cares what you look like when you can get everyone’s attention by just walking in the room?

Not only is confidence sexy but also those who aren’t even aware that they are confident are sexier. If you’re confident doing your task (i.e. performing, public speaking, etc.), but quickly get off your high horse and seem down to earth and almost shy… Wow.

Confidence + Modesty = Sexy

Confidence – Modesty = Arrogant

I’m not done though. Here’s a formula that bothers me:

(In a) Relationship – Confidence = “What the hell are you doing?”

Okay I get it. People get insecure – their insecurities lead them to wanting to be in a relationship, because they strive to be needed or wanted even if the attention is from a bad person. But to be honest, since I’ve been in my relationship, I’ve grown only MORE confident.

Be with someone who shows you that you’re sexy with out needing to say a word.

Be with someone who thinks you shine bright whether or not you succeed.

Be with someone who finds happiness in YOUR happiness.

Okay, maybe I’m a sucker for PDA, but ladies, if you’re with a man who won’t hold your hand in public (showing the world that you are his), then of course that’s going to bother you. There is seriously no problem with PDA. Okay, if you two are half naked on a mall bench beside a line of kids waiting for Santa Clause, you may want to knock it off. But showing that you two are actually interested in each other (by kissing or holding hands) shows that you two are CONFIDENT in your relationship.

Another thing that bothers me is when a girl talks about her boyfriend and then says:

“Yeah he’s mine, so hands off!”

Excuse me?

Sweetheart, I wasn’t even thinking that. But now that you’ve said it, you have exposed to me that you two have trust issues – and I just MET you. I don’t want to know this. Now I feel bad. If you aren’t confident in him, I can only imagine how little self-confidence you have.

Here’s another thing too…

Okay, let’s say you’ve been in a relationship for a couple years (he’s given you jewelry or what not) – maybe you two are in a long distance relationship… If there is someone at school or at your job who finds you attractive and makes it obvious (i.e. compliments you, talks to you, etc.) don’t be turned off by this.

Yes! You are faithful to your boyfriend – congratulations! But God damn be confident in yourself, knowing that you are beautiful or awesome enough to potentially attract someone else. This does not mean, leave your boyfriend for a one night stand; but when other “gentleman callers” are noticing you, it should give you a BOOST not a need to protect yourself.

Because one day your boyfriend is going to piss you off to no end and that cute guy who sits in the back of your biology class is going to make your day just by simply asking, “How are you?”

Keep your head up & smile on, because it’s the little things that attract the most.


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  • Dahv, BTW, great insightful article! Some individuals lack the ability to feel good in their own skin. I agree that confidence is sexy and a healthy relationship paramount 🙂