Sharks in the Shower | “Friend”

Sharks in the Shower is an idea I’ve had for a while – since I graduated high school to be completely honest. Sharks in the Shower will be a collection of fiction pieces and verse that either categorize irrational fears, dreams, candid thoughts and so on. Think of it like a dream journal…
I would love feedback and if you want more, let me know 🙂
– Dahv
* * *
The car is parked, doors unlocked but I keep my seatbelt on. Your key rests in the ignition, my car is tucked away down the lot, and I stay seated and act like a Friend.
A Friend. Someone who is supposed to stay.
Acting Friendly. Never giving someone a reason to care too much.
Just A Friend. You’d say that’s different for some, but the definition is universal.
As a friend I don’t mind you steeping this conversation in our boundary line. We feel it soak in innuendos and heat up in our chests. The line isn’t crossed — there’s no fear.
As a friend I don’t mind where your hands go, what your voice implies; I’ve held those hands. I’ve listened to that voice on the phone for years.  Sometimes I see the earth in your eyes: glossed over green. But maybe it’s you who sees the world in me.
I stopped acting friendly when you stopped answering my calls. You love for so long but I guess we have a different understanding of time. The grass is greener on the other side!… So you jump the fence even if you get a blister. You run until the sun dips beneath you and the moon stares back. I think about chasing after you, but I have someone back home who can give me the world when he talks about his day and never forgets to ask about mine. You dodge hurdles that offer conversation and coffee dates. You jump oceans for those who aren’t afraid to leave you.
Months will pass until you finish your race. Your knees buckle and words slur as you fall to the ground. You fall at your job. You fall at home. You fall at a restaurant. You fall and I remain seated, stirring my drink like the ice cubes are numbers and I’m hosting bingo. I stir my drink, sit back, and listen to you as a Friend.

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