Behind Closed Doors


New scene I wrote…hope you all enjoy!

– Dahv


On stage right there is a closed door leading to a classroom. Walking through the door towards stage left, where there is a couch and coffee table, is Lauren. She sits on the couch with her feet propped up on the table; her arms are crossed. A moment later Jill walks out. She is hunched forward and glances over at Lauren and then looks away. She continues to walk upstage. Lauren stands up and walks towards Jill.


LAUREN. (Angry) Hey.


JILL. (Hesitant) Oh, hey. (Pause) You’re Laur –


LAUREN. You know who I am, Jill.


JILL. Look, I don’t even know you that well. What –


LAUREN. How do you feel about that test?


JILL. Not bad. I thought I could have done better.


LAUREN. You probably would have done even worse if you didn’t cheat.


Pause. Jill looks at her confused and hunches over more.


LAUREN. I saw you. (Laughs) No one just leans back during a test. Come on.


JILL. (Starts to walk away) There must be some misunderstanding.


LAUREN. (Stops in front of Jill) You’re the only one who sits next to me.


JILL. I have no idea what you are talking about.


LAUREN. Okay look, either you fess up now or I’m going back in there and telling the teacher. (Pause) Your choice.


JILL. (Shrugs shoulders) I would never cheat, Lauren.


LAUREN. Oh stop! Everyone cheats. (Opens back pack and pulls out slip of paper) If it wasn’t for this cheat-sheet she let us use, I would have cheated too. (Pause) Where the hell is your cheat sheet?


Jill sighs.


LAUREN. You forgot yours didn’t you?


JILL. Guilty.


LAUREN. Wow, I am kicking myself right now for not being in the classroom reporting you! (Laughs) You’re ridiculous!


JILL. Go ahead!


LAUREN. Nah. Fuck it. I’m not that much of a bitch. I’ll just let you suffer with the same grade I’ll end up with. (Puts piece of paper back in bag) Probably gonna be around the seventies range. My notes suck.


JILL. You’ve made me suffer enough.


LAUREN. What are you talking about?


JILL. Oh, you don’t think I saw who walked you to class today? (Scoffs) Thanks to you two, I was ten minutes late.


LAUREN. I have no idea what you are talking about! It’s your own fault if you’re late or not!


JILL. You two just had to stand in front of the door, didn’t you?


LAUREN. What door? Who? I have –


JILL. Megan!


LAUREN. (Taps finger against forehead, trying to remember) Megan, Megan…blonde hair?


JILL. You’re a bitch.


LAUREN. Excuse me! (Pause) Megan is my friend. She offered to walk me to class. What is your problem?


JILL. Oh, like you don’t know!


LAUREN. Know what?


JILL. Whatever. Go ahead and tell the professor that I cheated. (Yells) Or better yet, tell Megan how I cheated off of you! She’ll get a kick out of that.


LAUREN. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but now that you’ve mentioned –


JILL. (Cries) Go ahead! She’ll love to hear about it!


LAUREN. Tell her yourself!


JILL. She’d rather hear it from you. (Sighs) She’ll get a kick out of how much of a mess I am now.


LAUREN. Megan has never mentioned you.


Jill has a surprised look on her face. She turns away, starting to cry again.


LAUREN. I really have no idea what’s going on here. (Pause) If you have something to say to Meg, tell her yourself because –


JILL. Never mind. (Wipes eyes) Must have been a misunderstanding.


Jill walks off stage.


End Scene



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