What’s On Your Mind?


A small prose that fixates on our generation’s fixation with Facebook.

– Dahv



My cellphone awakens from sleep mode with a vibrate. I turn the screen back on and unlock the homescreen. The Facebook widget is highlighted with a small number one in its upper right corner: new notification. Sitting down at my desk, I open my laptop that’s still running the last open browser: Facebook.

Now I have three notifications: the number three – red-dotted – sits beside the summit of the globe that blends in the blue banner. Ehh. Someone else must have commented on that chick’s photo. Her name doesn’t come to my mind. I close the laptop. I sit back for just a moment before my phone vibrates again. New text message from Sam:

“Hey, did you see Cheryl’s status?”

I switch to the Facebook application on my phone. Now there’s a six hovering the globe. In the search bar, I begin to type: C…H… My phone vibrates once more.

A message from Sam scrolls across my notification bar:

“Never mind…she just deleted it. It said -”

Suddenly a picture of Cheryl popped up on my screen with the options to answer or ignore. I answer, “Hey Cheryl.”

“You didn’t see my status, right?”

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