(Making) Love Is A Two-Way Street


Below is a writing assignment I did in class last week. My teacher instructed us to write about a scene from two different perspectives. Hope you enjoy..

– Dahv


Girlfriend’s POV:

Jake just put in another action movie and now I regret wearing his favorite kind of thong: pink, lacey. As he leaves to switch disks in the DVD player, I try repositioning myself. Maybe I’m not sitting sexy enough. Should I turn on my side, in hopes for a spooning session? Or better yet, I could take my pants off and lie down with my knees  up, with legs slightly turned out. I doubt Jake even knows I’m wearing this thong. Even if I lowered my jeans a bit and stretched the laced band upward, he’d probably think I was giving myself a wedgie. Besides, he doesn’t get hints.


Boyfriend’s POV:

Putting in this movie will totally make Amy want me. There are so many sex scenes, she won’t be able to contain herself. Or maybe not. Maybe she’ll flip out cause she thinks I’m fantasizing about the girl in this movie. Damn. Or maybe she’ll only want me, cause she’s imagining fucking the guy in this movie. Who wouldn’t want Bradley Cooper? Well, damn, now I’m not in the mood. Eh. She looks tired anyway; she’s probably sick of wearing those jeans. It looks like they’re giving her a wedgie anyway.


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