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There are three types of compliments:

Creepy Compliments

Entitled Compliments

Regular Compliments

Creepy Compliments

Alright, let’s be honest. We all have that one friend that we constantly question. What’s their intention? Do they like me? What’s their deal? Yada, yada. These are the friends that really admire you. In the beginning, you are flattered (who wouldn’t be); but after awhile, the daily “you look cute” sounds more like “I wanna bang you.” Now, let’s not get confused! Not ALL compliments have that intention. BUT, it’s all about delivery and consistency.

If you are into someone, you don’t want to be too forward. You may keep a few compliments to yourself.

This might be going through your head:

“Oh my God, she looks so great in that dress. Ugh. That sounds wrong. But she’s so hot, I can’t handle it.”

But you filter it into:

“I love your dress.”

This is a good choice, especially if your friend isn’t interested in you. She’s into guys; you’re into girls. She has a boyfriend. You want a girlfriend. Okay, let’s keep it nice and flattering, and avoid the creepiness.

When I mean by creepy is when that one friend texts you on a Saturday morning something around the lines of:

“You make me smile.”

If I were to get this text, which I have, I start questioning what I did to make him/her smile. In this situation, it’s less about what she/he has said and more about what she/he isn’t saying. Your friend isn’t saying why you have made them smile. This is when it gets creepy. I’d rather get a long ass text from someone I’ve known for six plus months, telling me how great of a friend I am, than a simple one sentence message from someone new in my life.

Entitled Compliments

I love all types of compliments and I love giving them. What I don’t like is how certain compliments are worded. Some people have these entitlement issues and look at themselves like what they have to say are words from God. They aren’t. I’m sorry. Unless you are my teacher/mentor, parents or boyfriend, your analysis of my personality is not going to bother me.

You’re some random person who either thinks I am “confident,” “bitchy,” “fake,” or “whatever.” What does that mean coming from YOU?

Have you taught me anything new? No.

Have you motivated me to take a risk? No.

Are you my friend? Probably not.

At the end of the day, no one cares what you think UNLESS you are being nice. People, who thrive off of drama, will be attracted to you, and that doesn’t say much. You may think you’re hot shit, but the girl at the bar most definitely does not feel the same way. You have to charm people. You can’t step in and say, “Well, you’re gorgeous,” and expect her to drop to her knees.

If you want people to be honest with you, be honest with yourself and drop your ego a few notches. Got it?

Regular Compliments

Like I noted before, I love compliments (who doesn’t)? I also love giving compliments. I’m not necessarily interested in giving creepy compliments, but that’s up to the receiver’s perspective.

Here’s the thing, I am extremely comfortable with myself. If I think you look good, I’m going to tell you. This is where some people get the wrong idea. Opposed to creepy compliments, I most definitely do not want you like that.

There’s a difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to someone.

I’m sorry. I think you’re beautiful. You look good in that dress. But no, it’s not going to happen.

People who give compliments are chill with who they are. I’m complimenting you because I do think you look good. If you perceive it as me hitting on you than that’s on you. Don’t expect me to serenade you or leave my boyfriend for you. Calm your tits. For real.

Side Note: You’re probably wondering why this post is titled and categorized as “Dahv Logic.” I am not saying that what I say is right. “Dahv Logic” is another way to say “Dahv ranting about a topic.” It honestly is an inside joke between some friends of mine.

– Dahv

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