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The Intern | My Summer at a Creative Agency


  When I am not keeping track of screenplays for the NH Film Festival or losing sleep over Kelly and Nicky, wrapping up Caramel Cigarettes, I spend my time at my internship. This summer I’ve been obliged to intern for the creative agency, MicroArts. Monday through Thursday, I join two members of this agency and collaborate my thoughts on their leading brands. If I am not researching...



You approach me; dressed as the insult I gave you last. Your spine is tug, twisted and exposed, dangling between your shoulder blades. You stand with a wide stance: headless, with your forehead shoved up your ass. As you walk, your spinal cord clicks like the keys in my pocket. Your heart is rolling on the ground, leaving trails of blood, pulsing between each somersault. There’s blood on...