The P.R.O


I took me about a month since I started this blog, but I think I have finally found another good example of talent. Thanks to Mr. Boston (DieN2LivE), who introduced me to a rapper who goes by the name of The P.R.O, my hope for good music in this generation is still strong. He has collaborated with such artists as Ja Vid and Malachi.

I suggest you take a look at P.R.O’s myspace:

The one thing I really appreciate about this rising artist is that he is so humble. He does not have a pimped out myspace page and his biography is simple but genuine:

‘I am THE P.R.O. I’m an Irish kid from South Bend, IN. Moved to Goshen, just outside of South Bend, a long time ago. Finished college. Now I’m chasing my dream. My real name is Kelley and I love people and music. If you don’t like my music, that’s cool and I totally understand, but try and be constructive if you have something to say. Other than that enjoy!’

P.R.O’s talent makes T-Pain look like he was found in a dumpster, and makes Asher Roth look like he’s cheating off of his career and left his pick up lines locked in a drawer.

Check this guy out, you won’t be disappointed:

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