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I’m going to shed some light on “taking things slow;” and of course “things” refer to sex.

Now I am no expert in relationships since I’ve been in only ONE my whole life. I do know a thing or two about making relationships last though – this November I will be celebrating 5 years with my boyfriend.

Yes. I’ve been with the exact same guy since I was fifteen. Yes. He was my first kiss. Yes. He was my first boyfriend. And Yes. He’s the first and ONLY person I’ve been intimate with. With this being said, I either get two reactions:

“Oh my God, how sweet! You two are high school sweethearts.”


“Pfft. If you’ve been with the same guy, how do you know what you like?”

I know what I like: a committed relationship.

There are way too many cases of men and women looking for the right person. But of course, things escalate way too quickly. I understand that you may be in your early to late twenties and your hormones are raging – I get it; but you can’t expect to meet some guy, sleep with him on the first night and expect him to call you the next day.

This doesn’t just apply to women. Guys, you can’t be with a girl for a month or less, sleep with her, and stop making efforts.

Woohoo, you got laid – congratulations! The work doesn’t stop there; it is just beginning.

I think some people are in denial of the intensity sex can bring to a relationship – whether you are fuck buddies, friends or in a relationship. You may fuck someone for fun – someone you’ve never had feelings for – and just because he’s been avoiding you ever since you got it on, you grow attached. Do not underestimate how close you are actually getting to someone.

If a guy you’ve slept with in the past gives you a call, it’s more than likely a booty call.

He’s not going to take you out to dinner.

He won’t buy you flowers.

He won’t call you beautiful.

– And after that night –

He won’t call you back.

If you are looking for the right one, keep it in your pants until the right time.


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