Do You Gotta Feeling?


I haven’t kept you guys updated on the Billboard chart, so I will now take the time to do so:

Black Eyed Peas newest song I Gotta Feeling has been number one, according to the Billboard Hot 100, for the past three weeks. Their other single Boom Boom Pow has been bumped down to number two, and Drake’s new song The Best I Ever Had is now ranked as number three.

Moving on–has anyone ever noticed that parodies of celebrities or certain trends are actually a tad more realistic than what Tiger Beat or Star magazines tell us?

I don’t know if any of you are, but I am a huge fan of MAD magazine, and have been since I was about ten years old. A couple years ago I was reading an issue of MAD and there was this very clever comic strip entitled, ‘Rex In The City: iPod People.’ In the comic strip, it shows Rex walking downtown, and as he continues to walk he comes across these people who are completely black (not the skin color) and the only color you see is the white iPod in their hand. As the strip continues, he gets chased by these interesting creatures until finally, he himself, turns into one of them. In the end it shows Rex being completely black with a white iPod in his hand.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were laughing right now, because that is how I first reacted. But step back for a second. Isn’t that true?

The creation of the iPod was first launched on October 23rd, 2001. Since that day on, certain iPods have been manufactured and have been sold worldwide. The idea of the iPod first started out as the classic iPod, to the mini, to the Nano, to the shuffle, and then now we have access to the iPod touch. Woohoo, nifty.

I remember in 2006 when all of my friends put a Nano iPod on their Christmas list and in response to that, I would just roll my eyes. I didn’t see the point in going out and purchasing another mp3 player and only buying specific singles. It’s pretty rare for someone to go out and actually purchase a CD for 20 bucks. It’s almost as if walking into Best Buy or some CD shop is equivalent to buying cassette tapes!

But over time, I realized that I was one hell of a hypocrite. Yes, I do own an iPod, but it took me about two years to actually have a craving for one.

Here’s my question though…how long will it take for artists to stop putting out albumns? How long will it take for every radio station across the country to stop playing songs? Is our generation really that reliant on one stupid mp3 player? Will this trend ever stop?


Are you over it yet?

…Yeah, me neither.

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