I Don’t Wanna Be In Love


When you are engaging in a new project, experiment or relationship, reinforcements are key.

Taking risks can be a great thing, and they build character. When I’m at school or at work, I always try to take initiative; I ask my teacher/boss if they approve my work and I give them suggestions. I am not afraid to get rejected. My ideas and suggestions have been rejected a lot in the past and trust me, it only makes me a better person.

Give yourself a few chances, let yourself make a couple mistakes – in this scenario, you are depending on just yourself. I’ve found myself in situations where a professor didn’t like my poem or piece of prose yet, a writing competition did that was excited to publish me or consider me a nominee for the prize. You are not going to make everyone happy, but if you are passionate about your ideas – go for it.

When it comes to relationships (i.e. friendships, romantic relationships), you should never feel that you are doing everything. A healthy relationship is a balanced relationship; therefore, when it comes to holidays or birthdays, you shouldn’t feel weird about giving them a huge gift especially if they gave you a nice present for your past birthday. If you find yourself making all the huge decisions in the relationships, if communication is weak between you and your friend/significant other, you are probably not in a healthy relationship. Honestly, if you feel guilty or emotionally exhausted after you have hung out with this person, it is not worth it. Relationships are meant to be fun and exciting – especially in the beginning. But if from the start it has been a struggle, you’re in for a long-run. Never be afraid to put your foot down. There are too many men and women who have found themselves in co-dependent relationships, who are too afraid to let go of their lover. The man is with his girlfriend just to be with her. She doesn’t necessarily make him happy, but he is not strong enough to move on or confess that he is cheating on her.

Be strong and independent. There is nothing sexier than confidence.

– Dahv


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