Not so “Old” Navy


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I hope you all had a lovely weekend – it was the first weekend of my summer break from school. I am very much looking forward to this summer. I have my own job, my own car and I’m going to soon be reading, accepting or declining screenplays for the NH Film Festival.

Today I had my first shift at Old Navy. I’m not going to lie, it was quite enjoyable. I spent my whole shift at the register. There is definitely a variety of shoppers that come to Old Navy: the price-picky grandmothers, cash-filled pocketed teenagers, quick-witted dads and of course, the milfs (hot moms). You wouldn’t think the mothers who shop at Old Navy would be that concerned about their fashion-sense or physical appearance. But a few of the moms I helped out today, looked great! They had good taste in clothes and hair style. I found it easier to communicate with them because I actually liked their outfit choice.

For anyone who has worked in retail, where would you say the most young-looking parents (mom and dads) shop?

– Dahv


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