Mercedes Money


When people think Mercedes money this is what they imagine. When I used to dream about Mercedes money, this is what I imagined.

What is it about Mercedes money that makes me feel so broken?

I am happy to announce Mercedes Money is now available for purchase in paper book & eBook!

For the past four years I have been writing and editing Mercedes Money and to be honest, there were some moments I never thought this day would come.

Although there is so much that goes into writing a novel, I have over two years of experience to show how much harder it is to finish a novel.

Finishing a story is similar to enduring a horrible breakup. You’ve spent months or years connecting with a group of characters, sharing scenes or reaching milestones with them, just for it to abruptly end. The ending is so abrupt you can feel it. The ending hits you hard like a wall, as you sit there stunned in a squeaky office chair you’ve owned since you were ten.

You recall all of the adventures you’ve shared with these characters – not so much inside the book but outside; the coffee shops, bus rides to New York City, cramped tattoo shops, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, your friend’s couch, your own bed.

The writing process isn’t as sexy as some sitcoms or movies make it out to be. It’s close to impossible to carve out an amount of writing time during the day when you have a full-time job, house and bulldog to take care of. The writing process involves forcing yourself to actually sit down and try to push out a paragraph or two. You don’t even bother finding the right spot or playlist to set the mood. Fuck your mood when you’ve been staring at the same two paragraphs for the last hour, contemplating deleting them and questioning your own sanity, as the same Bette Midler song plays for the tenth time in a row.

The whole process for me is comical. When I first posted what turned out to be the opening scene to Mercedes Money, I had no idea it could be anything more than what it was. It wasn’t until I had written 50 pages that I saw the story come together. But then 75 pages in, I knew how it was going to end. The most frustrating part was having the ending clear in my mind and yet knowing, it was going to take more than 100 pages to get there. Oy vey.

The biggest take away I got from writing what has turned out to be a 300+ page novel is this: Keep Going. This can apply to your passion or career, whatever you want. No matter what happens, you need to keep going.

Lose your job? Get another one.

Go through a breakup? Focus on you and reap the benefits.

Hate everything you wrote from pages 100 to 150? You can edit later.

I am very excited to finally be sharing Mercedes Money with all of you. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years when I started this project.

And never forget to Keep Going.

Some people desire the chase, I live for the cruise.

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