Full Throttle


Back in neutral, I step down on the clutch and the brake pedal feels jammed

It’s a dance you say, as you release the emergency brake and guide my hand to the gear stick

It feels like an overused and abused arcade console in my hand, a sticky round of Pac-Man or Mortal Kobat but the sequence is new to me

You can hear the hesitation in my laugh, as I have yet to release the clutch even though we are idling at 1

My right foot is now hovering the gas pedal but we are both anticipating a stall

I released the clutch, stepped on the gas, and we jerked forward before settling into a coast

And just like some dance, I’d rather master with you, I repeated the choreography and brought us to 2

We rolled into a parking spot with faded lines and I pumped the brake before igniting the clutch once more

You flicked the gear out of place and locked in the emergency brake

Relax you say, eyeing my flexed calf and shaky grip we are okay, we aren’t going anywhere

As soon as I pulled away from the clutch, I slowly felt at ease

I envisioned in my mind another dance I’d want to master with you

I wanted to reach out to your hand but I knew the driving lesson wasn’t through

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