It Is What It Is, Until Someone Else Does It


I thought about writing her a poem. Maybe I could write about how she makes me feel (my stomach twists tight, my palms sweat). She thinks we are friends, more than friends. I write nicknames for her in the back of my notebook: bitch, whore, psychopath. When the bell rings and the clock’s hands clap at the peak of noon, I rip out the piece of paper. She tends to check my notes yet we have no classes together. I pocket my hands before she approaches me. She’s always looking for something to hold.

She smiles and her hand snugs into my elbow’s socket. “Hey, you.”


This semester I am taking a Context of Writing class where I am learning about the publishing process and anything I should know before writing a debut novel. To be honest, after my professor elaborated on what a writer must go through in order to potentially get published, I turned to the person next to me and mumbled, “Well, maybe I should be a doctor.”

It’s going to be a hard profession! But it’s my passion. I love writing: always have, always will. I have so much to say and share; most of the information would sound inappropriate coming from me, and that’s where characters come in.

Above is one of the assignments I had to do for my Context of Writing class. We all had to write an opening paragraph for our debut novel. So there it is. I have no idea where it’s going and that’s what I love about it. I’m thinking of adding onto this paragraph as the semester goes on.

Writing is one of my outlets. If I have a problem, writing about it or even writing about what I think is going to happen, makes it so much better for me. A lot of the time, my writing is a decent prediction of what’s bond to come.

When it comes to coping, talking is a great way to calm the negative energy; yet, once you get talking (especially for me) it can be hard to stop. Before you know it, you’ve told the same story at least ten times to different groups of people. You find yourself switching up the emphasis or adding in parts that just sound good to you because you feel that this particular audience will get a rise out of it.

When it comes to writing, you can write about whatever, whenever; especially if you’re writing fiction, you can add and deduct as much as you want – who is going to judge? It’s not you, it’s the character. With writing, there isn’t just fiction, there is non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenplays, and the list goes on!

Sit down and write! Create a character who can handle these issues. Play with the problems; they’ve been playing with you long enough.

– Dahv

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